Building Women Survivors as Advocates
  • RAHI’s Firebird Healing Workshop for Women Survivors of Incest/Child Sexual Abuse


    City: Hyderabad
    Date: 24-25 February, 2018
    Time: 9.30 am – 5.30 pm (full participation required on both days)
    Venue: Provided on registration

    This workshop is also open to male survivors

    Participant Form

    Last date for submission: 15 February, 2018

    Partner Organisation: Break the Silence

    Break The Silence is a group of citizen volunteers in Hyderabad working towards prevention of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) by conducting awareness workshops to teachers/parents/support staff and personal safety sessions for children.

    Break The Silence does not take funds for its work. The workshop fee will go to RAHI Foundation to cover part costs of the workshop.


    In RAHI’s Firebird Healing Workshop, participants explore together the effects of the abuse on their lives, and honour what they did to survive. By sharing their stories with each other in a safe space, survivors know they are not alone, gain new insights into their lives and take a step forward in their recovery. The workshop uses the power of the group for healing, and strengthens the sense of community and solidarity amongst them.

    This is a national series of workshops and is being held in cities across India. It is part of RAHI’s Firebird Project that trains survivors to be advocates for the cause.

    Workshop Facilitator

    The lead facilitator for the workshop will be Anuja Gupta. Ms. Gupta is RAHI’s Founder and Executive Director and has been working with survivors in individual and group therapy for the last 20 years. She will be accompanied by a co-facilitator and a documenter.

    Participation Protocol

    As per RAHI's Foundation's protocol, applicants need to fill and submit the Participation Form. This will be followed by an individual conversation with a RAHI counsellor via phone or Skype. This conversation will help clarify concerns or questions, and decide if this workshop is suitable for the applicant at this time.

    The forms will be read only by the RAHI counsellors and the contents will be kept confidential.

    Total Participants

    The workshop is open to a maximum of 10 people.

    Workshop Fee

    The workshop fee is Rs. 3,000 for two days (includes tea/coffee, lunch). On confirmation of participation, the payment details will be sent. For those who cannot afford the entire fee, a discount can be considered.

    There will be further healing resources provided to participants at the end of the workshop. RAHI Foundation will be available for post-workshop support via Skype or phone. Our local partner agency will be available for any local post-workshop support while maintaining complete confidentiality.


    • +1. Why should I join the workshop?

      The workshop is a safe space for survivors to come together and support each other in their healing. This workshop will provide you an opportunity to deal with issues arising out of your abuse and help other survivors to do the same. Being with others who have gone through similar experiences is invaluable in isolation and building solidarity. You can watch the videos of survivors who have taken this journey with us before you, or ask to talk to one of them. If you are reading this, you have already taken the first step. We strongly encourage you to take the next.

    • +2. What are the criteria for participation?

      If you are a woman above the age of 18 who has experienced sexual abuse while growing up, you can join this workshop. You can be someone who is, or has been, in individual therapy/counselling, or someone for whom this is a first therapeutic experience. You simply have to commit to your recovery, be open to being part of a group with other survivors and be able to dedicate two days of your time. Certain situations such as current addiction or heavy medication could come in the way of you benefiting from the workshop. In our conversation with you after you have sent your form, we will discuss your readiness, concerns and questions. In case the workshop is not right for you at the moment, we will provide you with therapeutic recommendations and individual healing resources. It is possible to re-apply for this workshop at another time.

    • +3. How will confidentiality be maintained?

      Confidentiality is the key to this workshop. The information you provide in the form will be read only by the RAHI therapists/workshop facilitators. At the workshop, the meaning of confidentiality will be discussed and a mutual understanding will be arrived at. Participants and facilitators will draw up confidentiality guidelines and pledge to maintain them during and after the workshop.

    • +4. What if I meet someone I know at the workshop?

      It is always possible you meet someone you know at the workshop. In joining the workshop, you are opening yourself to new possibilities and relationships. Honour your own courage, and that of the other, that has brought you there, and trust that you are both in a position help each other in a common goal. You will not be alone in this. Group members and facilitators will help see you through any difficult situation.

    • +5. I have never spoken about my abuse openly. Will I have to share my experience or be compelled to speak?

      You will be able to set your own pace and take your own decisions about what and how much you would like to share. No participant is forced to speak or share details of abuse.

    • +6. I am nervous about what may come up for me in the workshop.

      If you are nervous, it is a good sign. It means you are in touch with your feelings and also want to take care of yourself. We do not know what will come up for you in the workshop. What we do know is that whatever comes up, it’s the right time for you, and that the space will be safe for it to come up and be dealt with.

    • +7. Will there be any support for me post the workshop?

      The other workshop participants will be your biggest support after the workshop. In our experience, these workshops lead to the formation of such a network. Additionally, we offer individual therapy post the workshop at our centre in Delhi or on Skype. Wherever possible, we will provide you with a list of therapists/counsellors in your city that you can contact.

    • +8. Is it mandatory to become a Firebird if I join the healing workshop?

      You do not have to commit to the Firebird programme in order to participate in the healing workshop. The healing workshop is an end in itself and you can sign up only for that. We will talk about the Firebird programme at the workshop so that those wanting to join it can get a chance to do so. It is in fact the other way round – it is important to do the healing workshop in order to become a Firebird.


    Participant Form
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