• RAHI organised a training on child sexual abuse for Talash, a Kolkata based not-for-profit organisation working on issues of child rights and child protection with a focus on rights of the girl child read more

  • The RAHI team is engaged in all aspects of the organization’s vision, mission, strategy and plans. The internal work is as intense as the work with survivors, allied groups and society at large read more

  • RAHI was invited to showcase its journey at the conference organized by Parivarthan Counselling, Training and Research Centre, Bangalore on 28th and 29th August 2015, to celebrate their read more

We understand survivors

RAHI : The first and only organization in India for women survivors of Incest and Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) since 1996. Professional, informed, uniquely positioned to facilitate the recovery process for women survivors through an informed and distinctive model of healing.

A support centre for survivors, RAHI is a feminist group that goes beyond ‘breaking the silence’ around incest/ CSA. Awareness, education, prevention and recovery established within the larger issue of social change…read more


  • School and College Programs equip students, teachers, counsellors and parents to handle disclosure and facilitate intervention. The PEP (Peer Education Program) and ASAP (Adolescents against Sexual Abuse Programs)...read more

  • RAHI’s distinctive Model of Healing facilitates the recovery process for women survivors through individual and group therapy. The new Firebird Project empowers survivors, transforming their trauma to catalyze social action...read more

  • RAHI works in different formats with Individuals, Groups and NGOs to inform, educate, train and equip them – thus building capacity to effectively prevent Incest and CSA, and intervene where it occurs...read more


  • If someone trusts you enough to tell you about an incident of sexual abuse, you are in an important position to help the person recover. What should you do?
    Click here for guidance.

  • Much of RAHI’s work has been possible because of the support of individuals and organizations, support that comes in many forms – money, professional help, material requirements, space...read more

  • Nandana Sen, actor and theatre personality is a RAHI Cause Ambassador and spokesperson, who has used her professional and celebrity status to create awareness about incest and child sexual abuse...read more

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