RAHI Programs and Services

RAHI’s programs have been developed with uniquely effective approaches and cutting edge techniques. They are created in response to the assessed needs and learnings over years of work with women survivors, their violence related trauma and the environment of CSA in the country. These include using innovative means to communicate incest/CSA information to the public, programs to build capacities of college students, health professionals and social workers for dealing effectively with incest/CSA prevention and intervention, and initiating and guiding other individuals and groups to work in this field.

The RAHI Model of Healing

Over the years RAHI has gained a deep understanding of adult women survivors of incest/CSA, the traumas and the issues faced by them, and the long-term impact of social abuse. The distinctive RAHI Model of Healing has been designed based on this understanding and an informed knowledge of the social environment. It uses individual and group therapy to facilitate the recovery process and allow survivors to move on in their lives. Established within the larger issue of social change, the RAHI Model works to transform survivor trauma through social action

  • Women Survivor Programs

    • Individual Therapy
    • Circle of Strength Support Group
    • Consultation and Supervision
    • Referrals
  • RAHI College Programs: Arming Young Women Against Child Sexual Abuse

    • PEP - Peer Education Program
    • Handling Disclosure – How to Help a Friend
    • Summer Internship
    • Faculty Training
  • RAHI School Programs: ASAP – Adolescents for Sexual Abuse Prevention

    • Student Orientation
    • Teacher / Counsellor: Intervention in Child Sexual Abuse
    • Parent Orientation
  • Firebird Project: Building Women Survivors as Advocates

  • Capacity Building, Talks and Workshops: Empowering Groups for Prevention and Healing

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