RAHI Board of Trustees

RAHI is a deeply personal organization, founded by Anuja Gupta and Ashwini Ailawadi. They lead the team which is made up of both survivors and non-survivors, all of whom have same vision and goal – to end CSA and to create a safe support space for survivors.

    RAHI Board of Trustees

    Ms. Anuja Gupta, Founder Trustee

    Ms. Jaya Sharma, Founder Trustee

    Ms. Gloria Burrett, Trustee

    Ms. Rachna Chawla, Trustee

  • Ms Jaya Sharma

    Founder Trustee

    Jaya Sharma is a researcher, trainer and feminist, queer activist based in New Delhi, India. She has been working on issues of women’s rights and education for over twenty years. She is founder member of Nirantar, a Centre for Gender and Education based in New Delhi. She has also founded queer activist forums based in Delhi For the past fifteen years she has been working on issues of sexual rights, with a focus on advocacy and building linkages between the queer movement and other movements such as the women's movement. Jaya has been actively engaged with issues related to Adolescence Education and Sexuality Education through research and advocacy. She has also been intensively involved in capacity building related to sexuality of community based NGOs who are working with poor women from marginalized communities, mostly in rural India, through workshops and educational material.

  • Ms Gloria Burrett


    Gloria is a licensed Integrative Psychotherapist with a private practice. She works with children, adolescents, families and adults. Apart from individual client work, she facilitates workshops for schools, corporate institutions, spiritual and other leadership teams and non-government organisations in the areas of Parenting, Building Healing Communities, Child Sexual Abuse, Mentorship and the Art of Listening, Conflict Resolution, Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence. Gloria runs support groups for parents of children with special needs. Her additional training has been in the fields of disability, spiritual direction and sandplay therapy.

    Gloria is presently involved in professional training and supervision of counsellor teams.

  • Ms Rachna Chawla


    An IIM Ahmedabad alumni, Rachna is an OD consultant, leadership facilitator and coach who works across corporate houses, social enterprises and the education sector. Her specialist experience is in working with Leadership and Cross-cultural teams. She focuses on small and medium enterprises & the social sector. She is a certified MBTI & FIRO B Trainer and a Certified Assessor. Rachna consults and coaches in the areas of leadership development, team development, visioning, conflict management, strategic & creative problem solving and innovation.

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