• NOV 2015

    The RAHI Healing Workshop

    Dates: to be announced

    RAHI Foundation offers a 2 day healing workshop designed exclusively for young women survivors of incest/child sexual abuse (CSA). It is open to students between the ages of 18-23 from colleges/universities in Delhi.

    In this workshop participants will explore together the effects of abuse on their lives, and also honour what they did to survive. By sharing their stories with each other in a safe space they will know they are not alone and also gain new insights. The workshop will be facilitated by experts through the use of individual exercises, groups, discussions, art and craft, music, psychodrama and other creative recovery tools.

    We will take 10-12 participants at a time. There will be an initial screening process for the participants. There will be no fees for this workshop. Do, however, confirm to reserve a place or find out more by sending us an email at

    RAHI Foundation is a centre for women survivors of Incest and Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) in Delhi. Established in 1996, RAHI’s work includessupport and recovery through the distinctive RAHI Model of Healing; awareness and education about Incest/ CSA; training and intervention; and research and capacity building - all established within the larger context of social change.

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